Australian Female Celtic Vocalist 2014

Australian Female Celtic Vocalist

Australian Female Celtic Vocalist

Glen Innes Services Club hosted “The Official Celtic Awards Night” on 3rd May 2014. The gala night included entertainment and a dinner, presentation of the Australian Celtic Festival’s three annual Triquetra Awards and the presentation of the 2014 Australian Celtic Music Awards.

Claire was thrilled to win the award for Australian Female Celtic Vocalist, 2014. Claire was also a finalist for the Best Producer category for her debut album “Little Red Shoes”, released in 2012.

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White Night Festival

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As part of the Inaugural White Night festival in Melbourne, Claire performed in the domed reading room at the Victorian State Library. Audiences where transported by all the beautiful atmospheric music provided by Claire Patti, Exaudi Youth Choir and harmonic overtone singer Dean Frenkel.

Claire also made a brief appearance in The Age’s video clip below. What an amazing evening!

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